About us

Cellar Door

Visit our Gracebrook Vineyards Cellar Door in the heart of the 110 years old Gracebrook Stables for a tasting, lunch or afternoon coffee Either under the shade tree, in the sun on the deck or by the glowing fire. Try our comprehensive range of traditionally made reds, whites and sparkling wines and soak up the atmosphere of the peaceful surrounds that is Gracebrook.

About Gracebrook Vineyards

Gracebrook is a proud Australian family owned business in North East Victorian winery, vineyard and restaurant.

Early days

The Gracebrook brand has evolved from the passion that David and Rhonda Maples have for the land and what it has to offer. Both Rhonda and David came from farming backgrounds. Rhonda’s parents owned and operated a dairy farm in the King Valley. Rhonda worked in local vineyards, either handpicking fruit or pruning vines, this proved to be valuable knowledge that would be applied later to Gracebrook Vineyards. David’s parents also owned and ran dairy farms as well as growing beef cattle, pigs and later growing tobacco on a small farm. This ‘hands on’ experience having both grown up on farms gave them horticultural skills that would later become invaluable skills for there future in farming and Agriculture.


Today Gracebrook is still a proud Australian family owned business who team is passionate about providing the best quality Wine, Food and hospitality. Providing visitor with some of the best the North East can offer. Sustainable farm and land practices are still the key ingredient in the Gracebrook Stables built during the 1880s

The Gracebrook Vineyard Stables have been heart of the property for more than 110 years. Lovingly constructed from local stringybark, red and yellow box round timbers, using the traditional bush carpentry methods of the period the ‘Stables’ really is living history. Although still in good condition, having withstood the test of time, the stables have presented many challenges to both David and Rhonda. Who accepted the opportunity to restore the building back to its former glory to house their cellar door and restaurant. Their vision and passion has created a unique, functional and beautiful, indoor/outdoor restaurant and tasting area that reflexes their love for the land. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the beautiful surrounds that have been created and the atmosphere of the old stables.

Visiting the Animals

Our cellar door allows both children, and adults, to adventure around the surrounds, see a working farm and visit our many farm animals, including Rabbits, Ducks, Turkeys, Geese, Chickens, Goats and many more.

Our Fruit and Vegetables

We are keen gardeners hear at Gracebrook and are passionate about growing our own organic fruit and vegetables. We have three main vegetable gardens (two for summer crops and one for winter). We also have many fruit trees and herb gardens. With seasonal growing and cropping, we supply a fair portion of the kitchen’s needs which is important to us supplying fresh seasonal produce.